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You Will Find Our Resource Upload Rules Below Please Follow Them If You Want To Upload Resources​

All Resources Uploaded By Users Need To Be Approved Before Going Public​

  1. You Must Use CodeCanyonScripts Own Storage Servers When Uploading Your Resources ( )
    This Service Is Free For All CodeCanyonScript Users
    If you are unsure how to do then send a private message to @Proxybunker

  2. You Can Only Upload A Resource If you have purchased them ( You Will Be Asked For Proof )
    All Resources Uploaded from other Websites Will Be Removed

  3. You Must Tag Your Resource As ( Not Nulled Or Nulled ) Within The Version Section
    V1.0 -Not Nulled
    V1.0 -Nulled
    Version 1.0 Not Nulled
    Version 1.0 Nulled

  4. Your Resource Must Be A . Zip File ( So all Systems Can Unzip It Without The Need To Install 3rd Party Software

  5. Your Zip Files Can Not Be Password Protected
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