Architect HTML and Site Builder

Architect HTML and Site Builder v3.0.2

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2024 March 23 - Version 3.0.2
fix: issue with connecting custom domains
fix: file permissions for new projects sometimes not being set correctly
fix: some issues when updating from very old versions of the architect
fix: duplicating page causing changes in both pages until editor reload

2024 March 20 - Version 3.0.1​

  • fix: issue with submitting forms to default handler.
  • fix: custom domain functionality being disabled by default.
  • fix: projects not being deletable sometimes.
  • fix: a few visual issues in dark mode.
2024 March 20 - Version 3.0.0
new: Fully rewritten Architect in React. This results in many improvements from previous versions, including better performance, bundle size reduction by nearly 2x (with bigger reduction in future updates), better animations and many bugfixes.

new: Added AI based image and text generation in the editor, along with new permissions and user AI token usage management.

new: Added workspaces (teams) functionality.

new: Improved background editor functionality and added more predefined colors, gradients and images.

new: Background clipping support.

new: Added a history panel. It's now possible to go to specific point in history, instead of just undo/redo.

new: It's now possible to hide left sidebar in the editor.

new: Added new shadow editor, allowing multiple shadows to be added to element.

new: Templates can now be previewed before creating a project.

new: Added better "upgrade" messages, if user does not have permission for a specific feature or is over quota (if subscriptions are enabled).

new: Improved element visibility editor and added opacity slider.

new: Many bugfixes in the editor and across the site.

new: Refreshed the design for most pages across the site as well as the site editor.

new: It's now possible to upload files directly from browser to s3 and s3 compatible services.

new: added two factor authentication support

new: users can now be suspended/baned from admin area

new: added full size social login buttons as an option in login and register pages

new: it's now possible to prevent emails from certain domains from registering new accounts

new: added active sessions panel in account settings page

new: Improved responsiveness of all tables across the site.

new: improved SEO tags editor in admin area

new: it's now possible to change default font, border radius and navbar color from appearance editor.

new: Migrated Google Analytics integration to v4.

new: Updated landing page design and added a few more options in landing page editor.

new: Pricing table can now be shown inlined in the landing page.

new: Admin sidebar can now be edited from menu manager.

new: Updated to the latest version of Laravel.

new: Updated Stripe integration to the latest version. It now accepts payments from Google/Apple pay and other, country specific providers, in addition to credit cards.

new: Updated PayPal integration to the latest version. It can now accept a number of other payment sources including cards.

new: Many improvements to subscription flow and plan creation in admin area.

new: Added compatibility with PHP 8.1+

new: It's now possible to preview uploaded files from "admin -> files" page.

new: When email confirmation is enabled, user will now see a special page where they can resend confirmation email.

new: Appearance editor themes section now has fewer colors that need to be overwritten.

new: Added a lot more icons in appearance editor icon selector.

new: Call to action buttons in landing page editor and gdpr settings in admin area now have the same options as menu editor items.

new: Improved filtering for data tables in admin area.

new: Menus can now be assigned to multiple positions.

new: Menu items in menu manager can now be configured to show based on user roles or permissions.

new: Added region option to mailgun mail provider in settings page.

new: Upgraded GDPR EU location check.

new: Added postmark mail provider.

new: Update translation manager in admin area, there should no longer be any missing strings.